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Mental Health Support Service



It is estimated that one in four people will experience some form of mental health need during the course of their life. Newham College aims to meet the needs of the whole community and is dedicated to taking positive steps to enable full participation in education. With this it has an established mental health support service to ensure learners with a diagnosed mental health condition are awarded the same opportunities in achieving their learning potential.

Given that we recognise the sensitive nature of a person’s personal health needs, we offer a confidential one to one service that offers mentoring, emotional and practical support.

Support can also include:

  • Support during Enrolment

New learners often find it helpful to meet with someone prior to enrolling who can help them to think about their course choices, and enable them to make a more informed choice for their needs.

  • Support Planning

Learners are offered the opportunity to talk to someone in private about any additional or support needs they may have, and a plan of support and teaching adjustments can be created for the benefit of support in their learning and engagement at college.

  • Access to a Dedicated Member of Staff

Many learner’s find it beneficial to have access to a member of staff with experience in mental health, who can offer an understanding and non-judgemental approach. This dedicated member of staff can spend time to get to know you, and can liaise with your teaching staff on your behalf; although only as agreed by you. They can also serve as a key contact for external professionals who may be involved in your support in the community.

  • Academic/Mentoring Tutorials

Additional tutorials are the opportunity to have support to go over the information from class, to work on assignments, organise work and breaks tasks down into manageable chunks and improve study skills. Mentoring support means you have someone to go to who you can talk to about all other aspects of how you are experiencing managing college life, as well as your own personal support needs.

  • Exam Concessions

Some learners may require a reasonable adjustment during examinations– adjustments may include additional time, sitting the exam in a separate room etc.

  • Course Retention and Return Support

On the small occasions when a learner has to take time away in order to prioritise their mental health needs, the support staff will work with the learner, their teaching staff and external professionals as appropriate, in order to support their retention on the course.

Service Contact

Jacqueline Mallon

Tel: 0208 257 4573