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Apprenticeships for your current staff

We can develop a training plan for your existing employees and help them learn new skills and qualifications to increase their potential.

How can upskilling your employees help your business?

Productivity and profitability: Skilled, qualified and motivated employees are able to fulfil their role to a high standard which means reduced costs and better output.
Competitive advantage: Set your business apart from competitors with skilled, experienced and qualified staff.

Retention: Your staff will feel appreciated and inspired by your commitment to their career development leading to improved workforce retention.
Flexibility: Apprenticeships are flexible. The majority of programmes are available to start at any time of the year.

Cost effective: We can help you to access the latest and most relevant funding for your business which can help to reduce your training costs.
Progression: Apprenticeships offer fantastic progression opportunities for your employees.

To find out more about how upskilling your staff with an Apprenticeship could benefit your business and how Newham College London  can make it happen, please call the Apprenticeship Team on  0208 522 5759 or email