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Employer FAQs

How much will I need to pay?
  • If your apprentice is under 19, you will need to pay them the apprentice minimum wage which is currently £3.30 per hour. You are free to pay your apprentice above this minimum wage and many employers increase wages as skills develop.
  • If your apprentice is 19 when they have completed the first year of their Apprenticeship, you will need to pay them at least the full National Minimum Wage appropriate to their age.
 Will I receive any funding to help with taking on an apprentice?
  • If you employ less than 50 employees you might be able to receive a grant of £1,500.

How long does it take?
  • There’s no set length for an apprenticeship. It depends on the type of qualifications you take and the industry you work in. Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete.

Is there an age limit?
  • No, Apprenticeships are available to anyone after leaving full time education at 16.

How many hours will my apprentice work?
  • Apprentices work a minimum of 30 hours a weekand no more than 40 hours a week.

Do I need to give my apprentice holidays?
  • Yes. Like any other employee, you will need to give your apprentice at least 20 days’ paid holiday per year plus Bank Holidays.

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