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Preparatory Undergraduate Course in Combined Studies

Sorry, there are no variations of this course currently available.

What is involved?

The level 0 preparatory course is at 'A' Level or Access standard and aims to familiarise and support students in preparation for degree studies at Level 4. Somewhat confusingly this course is referred to as level 0, while the degree is referred to as starting at level 4. This is because the terminology for levels has changed and this is mixture of both. It used to be a degree started at what was called level 1, so the preparatory course is at level 0. However degrees are now considered to start at level 4, with level 3 the term used for study at Access or 'A' level standard. Very confusing! All you really need to understand is that the course is set a one level below the start to a normal degree to get you prepared for this study.

The course combines tuition in a number of important academic skill sets with opportunities for you to develop your interest in the subject that attracted you to degree study in the first place. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and educational experiences and this course is designed to furnish you with the information, opportunities to practice and, ultimately, the confidence to progress through a degree course successfully.

What does the course involve?

There are four different subjects covered in the preparatory course designed to provide the skills generally understood to be central to successful study at degree level:

  • 1. Grammar & Writing
  • 2. Academic Reading and Critical Thinking
  • 3. Information Technology and Data
  • 4. Independent Study Project

How is the course validated?

This is a new route leading to The Open University validated programmes offered at Newham College University Centre. The new route and modules are validated by The Open University.

Please click here to see the Combined Studies programme specification.


What will my career options be?

Successful completion of the preparatory course means that you have demonstrated your appropriateness for study at level 4, and you will therefore automatically be offered the opportunity to progress on the degree, as long as you continue within two years of passing the preparatory course.

Depending on your incoming preparedness for studying at higher education, and how quickly you progress, you might be able to start on Level 4 of your degree after one or two semesters of study on the preparatory course.

If you wish to transfer on successful completion on the Preparatory Course to any other undergraduate degree offered at Newham College University Centre you can - the only exception are the counselling degrees where you will also need a successful interview.

What is the cost?

The course is £5,500 per year for full time study, or £2,750 per year for part time study. More information about fees and funding.

What does it cost and what financial help is there?

When you enrol on the preparatory course you enrol on the combined studies extended degree and can apply for all the loans and grants available to higher education students. You should note that students can normally access four years of financial support. This means you should be careful not to fail a year of study as you might run out of financial support if you do this.

The information which describes this course was accurate at the time of publication. Newham College reserves the right to amend, withdraw or cancel any part of the programmes, locations, facilities and costs at any time.


What do I need?

No prior qualifications are required. All applicants are required to take a diagnostic assessment of their readiness to study. As a result of this diagnostic students will either be:

  • i) Offered a place on this Preparatory Course
  • ii) Offered a place on the degree starting at level 4 (if the diagnostic shows that the preparatory course is not needed)
  • iii) Offered a place on another course

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