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Relocating to the London Borough of Newham

If you are moving to the Borough of Newham from outside the area then you will find some useful information here about the relocation assistance available and the conditions under which this scheme is available.


The scheme provides newly appointed officers with a six-month period in which to relocate during which time they are entitled to receive subsistence allowance and fares at the cheapest rate to their home once a month. In some circumstances, the time period will be extended. All claims must be supported by the submission of receipts.

Relocation Assistance

Newham College London wants you to settle into your new role as quickly and easily as possible. The relocation scheme is there to make sure the transition from your previous location as smooth as possible, no matter where you are moving from.

Relocation assistance may be claimed by new employees who need to move to a closer location as their existing home is not within reasonable daily travelling distance of their new place of work.

You are able to claim under the relocation assistance scheme if:

  • You are a newly appointed member of staff under a permanent or fixed term contract of 1 year or more duration
  • Your case has been considered on its merits and been approved
  • Your spouse or partner has not received a similar allowance from any employer