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Newham College Equality Objectives

Following consultation with its key stakeholders – students, staff, parents, governors, employers and partners – the College is pleased to publish its Equality Objectives which have been set against the existing Equality Schemes.

Equality Objective 1

Everyone working for and studying at Newham College will promote our values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and this will underpin everything the College does.

Measures: Bi-Annual Staff Survey; Equality & Diversity Annual report; Equality & diversity goals reflected in all Quality Improvement Plans; Equality Action Plans; Impact Assessments.

Equality Objective 2

The College will recruit and maintain a staff and student population which is reflective of the local and wider community.

Measures: Recruitment Policy; Student Open Access Policy; Equality & Diversity annual report; Awareness raising events.

Equality Objective 3

The College’s vision and values for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion will be communicated to everyone.

Measures: Student Inductions; Staff Inductions; Teaching & Learning Audit; Marketing strategy; Equality & Diversity Strategy; HR Strategy; Press releases; Communication Strategy.

Equality Objective 4

Newham College will use its monitoring data to assess the impact and effectiveness of its activities in order to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between different groups.

Measures: Achievement gaps are explored and actions put in place; Equality & Diversity Annual report; Equality Action Plans.

Equality Objective 5

All staff will be supported by training and development to advance the College’s values.

Measures: Mandatory diversity training; Yearly Performance Reviews; Monitoring of Complaints;