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Entry qualifications

What if I don't have any qualifications?

You do not have to have qualifications to come to this College we can find a suitable course for you to help you progress and once you have achieved enough credits, we guarantee a place on the next suitable course, when you are ready for it. You can work at your own pace and to whatever Study Level you want. If you are over 21 and want to go to university but don't have the traditional qualifications to move into Higher Education we also offer one year Access courses. We also have Access to A level courses if you do. If you, a friend or family member need to improve your English so you can then go on to study then we have lots of ways to help. Take a look at the First Steps made Easy section of the Website and call the admissions team who will be able to find a course for you.

What happens if I don't have my exam results yet?

If you are taking exams remember your offer may be conditional on you achieving certain grades. If you get those grades you can join your chosen courses. If you don't, then we'll offer you a more appropriate course - this will often lead on to your first choice of courses, but at a later date.

What if my English isn't very good?

A large number of students do not have English as their first language and we have many who do not speak more than a few words when they first join us. With over 80 languages spoken in the Newham area we have many staff and lecturers who speak languages other than English so do not worry that you won't be understood. If you, a friend or family member need to improve your English so you can then go on to study then we have lots of ways to help. Take a look at the First Steps made Easy section of the Website and call the admissions team who will be able to find a course for you.

Application process

Do I have to come to College to meet you before I send in my form?

We'll be happy to see you at one of our Customer Service Points or Open Days, but it's not necessary for you to come and meet us unless you really want to.

What happens when you have my application?

Once we've got your form we'll check if your profile matches the course requirements - if it does we can offer you a place straight away. We guarantee you a place, you may be asked to take an assessment. We can then discuss every aspect of the courses you've applied for, as well as any alternatives - that way we can make sure you've made the best possible choices. If you are under 18 your parents or guardian will be invited to come with you. The interview gives us the opportunity to get to know you better, and explain all the entry requirements for your courses. You'll also have a chance to visit the areas of the College used for your course, together with other learning, support and recreational areas.

How do I get on a Modern Apprenticeship programme?

There are no set entry requirements with an Apprenticeship as the requirements vary depending on the particular programme. You must to be living in England, aged 16-24 and not already taking part in full time education. Find out more about the Modern Apprenticeship

Newham College Course

What happens when I start my course?

We provide a comprehensive induction programme to help you get off to a great start. This includes a tour of the College and its facilities, plus we'll introduce you to your course team, tutors and advisors. You'll also get all the information on your course and its requirements, plus a full assessment that identifies any areas where you may need additional help.

What if I already have GCSE's or A levels, what else can I study?

We offer lots of vocational courses and specialist training that will help you move into a specific career or self employment. We also offer many qualifications that require you to have A Levels, which you either study for with us or other schools or Colleges. Have a look at the Find a Course section of the website or contact our admissions team and ask about Higher Education and specialist training.

Are all the courses free?

This depends on your circumstances - most of our courses are free to under 19's and to those claiming benefits but there are sometimes costs for books, equipment and exams that you need to consider. We also have a lot of training which is subsidised to keep the costs low for students. You can find out more in the Fees section of the website and can speak to our Admissions team for further information.

I need to work as well as study, can I do this?

We try to schedule classes so they run over three and a half days during the week to enable you to undertake home study and work should you need to.

Why Newham College

How many courses do you have to choose from?

We have hundreds of different courses in virtually every subject you can think of so check out the Find a Course section of the website. If you can't find what you are looking for then contact our admissions team who may be able to help.

What is the average age of students at the College?

This is an adult environment, with over 20,000 full and part time students. 80% of our students are over 19 with an average age of 31.

I need help with childcare how do I put this in place?

You need to supply details of acceptance on NCFE college course and your timetable. We will allow you to complete an application form without the required college information but this may delay the processing of the application.