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Newham College Governance

The College Corporation is an independent legal body with charitable status established in 1993 by Act of Parliament.  It is governed at the most senior level by a Board of Governors.  The Board is responsible for determining the overall strategy of the College and its educational character, the proper use of the public funds, the quality of provision, and appointing the Principal and other senior staff.

The Newham College Board of Governors comprises 15 members, one of whom is a member of staff (elected by the staff) and two who are student members (elected by Student Representatives). The Principal and Chief Executive is also governor.

The external governors (those other than the Principal and staff and student governors) are drawn from a wide variety of community, business and professional interests. They are people who are very successful in areas other than further education, and this enables them to bring a 'critical friend' and broader perspective to the leadership and direction of the College.  However, they work in a non-executive capacity, i.e. a clear distinction is made between the Principal's executive role of leading and managing the college operationally, and the governance, or strategic oversight role of the Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors is constituted under a statutory instrument known as the Instrument of Government and operates within the powers provided under the Articles of Government.  Various acts of Parliament such as Further and Higher Education Act of 1992 and Learning and Skills Act 2000 also play a key role in determining the role and powers of the Board, as does the Financial Memorandum with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and the Education Funding Agency (EFA) (the Government's agencies for planning and funding further education), Audit Code of Practice and general law relating to employment, health and safety, safeguarding, equality & diversity.

The Corporation meets at least five times a year and has established a number of committees to undertake more detailed work.

The Clerk to the Corporation is Beryl Hughes and she can be contacted by phone on 0208 257 4357 or email

For more information on our Governing Body, follow the links below.

Public Governance Documents

Members of the Governing Body
Instrument and Articles of Government
Rules of the Search Committee
Public Access to Corporation meetings
Role description and specification for governors
Public Value Statement
Board Structure


Membership and Terms of Reference
Rules of the Search Committee

Calendar of meetings

2013-14 calendar
2014-15 calendar
2015-16 calendar


Code of Conduct 2015 – adopted by the Governing Body
Standing Orders for the conduct of meetings and related issues

Agendas and Minutes

Minutes of Corporation Board Meetings

Board Minutes 17/09/13
Board Minutes 10/12/13
Board Minutes 18/03/14
Board Minutes 17/07/14

Board Minutes 09/12/14
Board Minutes 24/03/15
Board Minutes 14/07/15
Board Minutes 22/09/15
Board Minutes 15/12/15

Minutes of Committee Meetings:

Academic Standards and Performance

ASPC Minutes 21/11/13
ASPC Minutes 18/03/14
ASPC Minutes 19/06/14

ASPC Minutes 20/11/14
ASPC Minutes 22/01/15
ASPC Minutes 09/07/15

ASPC Minutes 23/11/15
ASPC Minutes 02/03/16

Student Consultative Forum

Student Consultative Committee 21/11/13
Student Consultative Committee 19/07/14

Student Consultative Committee 05/11/14
Student Consultative Committee 04/02/15

Student Consultative Committee 04/11/15
Student Consultative Committee 10/02/16

Staff Consultative Forum

Staff Consultative Committee 04/01/15
Staff Consultative Committee 10/06/15

Staff Consultative Committee 04/11/15
Staff Consultative Committee 10/02/16

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme