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BSc Child and Adolescent Psychology Student

Deloris King Profile

I chose to study at NUC mainly because of the location of the university, the travelling time is just under an hour and I can travel by underground or by buses.

The affiliation to the Open University is definitely a positive feature because it is a well-known educational establishment. I had previously studied with the Open University on a distant learning course before joining NUC and was impressed by the encouragement, support and advice that I received.

When I started this course my goal was to work with children mainly in the education sector, I have since expanded my goal to include working with the elderly and young families within the community. This has come about because so much of what I have learned is relevant to all of these sectors.

I have found the staff at NUC to be dedicated, understanding, and very supportive.

It's an excellent place to study if you have a passion for studying and are determined to change your circumstances with the help and support that is available the experience can be life changing and rewarding.

I have enjoyed my first year at NUC and would like to thank all the staff that I have had the pleasure of meeting whilst studying at NUC thus far.


BSc Child and Adolescent Psychology Graduate

Amy Norman Profile I chose NUC as it was the only institute that taught the specific subject that I studied. NUC was also beneficial as it was local and flexible for my needs.

A major positive for NUC would be the support from the excellent lecturing staff. It is great that they are all experts in their field and are undoubtedly dedicated to the field of Psychology as a whole. They were always willing to support all the students through general questions and assignments and they were also happy to help after graduation, especially with references.

As well as developing my knowledge in Psychology, I am also able to understand myself a lot more, I am definitely more reflective in my work and how I work with other people.

My end goal is to become an Educational Psychologist, so my degree was the first stepping stone for this. I am currently working in a school for children with Autism, so the knowledge I gained from my 3 years at NUC have benefited me as an employee as well as a person.

I cannot begin to describe the level of support I received whilst at NUC. The support was amazing, over the years my lecturers, were always happy to support.

I always sell the fact that the lecturers can offer much more support than a traditional university lecturer.


BA (Hons) Business & Management Graduate

Susana Yeboah Profile I chose NUC because of the excellent quality courses and affordable tuition fees. Although based in London, the fees are much lower than the UK average.

I also loved the passion and vibrancy I noticed on campus when I visited and spoke to current students. They're all so involved, passionate and active in some field there is a thread of energy that permeates campus. It really motivates you to step outside your comfort zone and realise your potential in the form of academics, extracurricular and personal development.

The small group teaching environment at NUC is great for immediate feedback. It allows effective communication between lectures and students. This supports the academic learning experience and gives lecturers chance to motivate and build their students' confidence.

My degree provided me with the opportunity to undertake a work placement at Barclays Head office. This not only gave me hands-on experience in finance but also enabled me to start building a network of industry contacts. To date, I still receive support and career advice from my mentor at Barclays in Canary Wharf thanks to NUC.

To graduate with a First Class Honours is a dream come true. I'm so glad I chose NUC. The overall experience is great. I have met people that I consider family and will be lifelong friends, it is not all fun and studying is a requirement but it is worth it.

Xueling Liang

Combined Studies: Business Management and English Student

Xueling Liang I did the Level 2 ESOL course at Newham College and felt that I should carry on improving my skills. However, I was not confident enough to take the degree course but my teacher encouraged me to pursue my dreams. I found that, at NUC, the courses were quite interesting and I could combine my favourite subjects together and it saved time and money.

I enjoy the friendly environment. The lecturers are supportive and I've made new friends.

The course gives me opportunities to explore my chosen subjects in depth, I can't guarantee that I will get a good job afterwards, but I can enrich myself and be a great helper for my child's education.

I get a huge amount of support from tutors, when writing essays and working on presentations. They are very friendly. I can express my views and ask for help whenever I need it. Alongside with my main subjects I also take English, Math and Employability courses.

I recommend NUC as a good place to study, especially for those who work hard, have limited time but never give up on their dreams.