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Services for Business

Business Training and Services Guide

Our approach to business-orientated training is innovative and award winning, developing individuals to improve employability and supporting the development of both large and small employers to help improve the economy.

The ways that we are Working with Business include flexible delivery methods, utilizing Learndirect and NewCAD to provide effective training and support, tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Working With Business

Our aim is to make training and business support available that really works for Business people. That is why, although we have a huge range of Business courses available for those who want to study at College, we also work really hard to meet entrepreneurs, business owners and those responsible for training and development, to develop support that works for each unique situation.

The Business Lab

The Business Lab is a unique business support centre providing free* support to London-based businesses and start-ups. It offers a bright, open space with free WiFi, suitable for co-working and designed to provide an alternative office environment for businesses. 

Business Fees

Fees for businesses are often subsidised through funding initiatives to support regeneration, sometimes this means training is free or costs are minimal. This can also include extensive work with businesses and organisations to develop training that is essential to prevent skills gaps from threatening specific sectors.

Business Advice

We have a team of business advisers with over 50 years business experience between them, as well as specialist knowledge of what funding and support is available to businesses in east London. 

Skills Support for the Workforce

Fully-subsidised training to give your business the edge. Investing in staff training is critical to future business success.