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Courses for 16-18

Get the skills, knowledge, and qualifications to match your ambitions to:

  • Secure employment
  • Progress to university
  • Develop a specialist career pathway

Newham College offers a wide range of vocational study programmes, such as BTECs and T-Levels. Vocational qualifications are an excellent alternative to A-Levels and are just as widely recognised by universities and employers. They allow you to learn in practical situations, improve your independent study skills, and develop your communication and teamwork skills.

The basic differences are this:

A-Levels - you are mainly assessed by exams 
Vocational - you are primarily assessed by coursework

A vocational pathway is an excellent choice if you:

  • Desire to learn more about a particular specialism, sector, or industry
  • Enjoy a more balanced way of learning (theory and practice)
  • Want work experience opportunities to be a part of your qualification
  • Prefer more project focussed coursework and less exam-based

Your chosen vocational pathway will form an important part of your broader study programme. designed to meet your individual learning needs, and prepare you for higher learning, training, or employment.

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