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Newham College is committed to exhibiting best practice in all aspects of corporate governance.

The Corporation is responsible for determining the overall strategy of the College and its educational character, the proper use of the public funds, the quality of provision, and appointing the Principal and other senior staff.

External members are drawn from a wide variety of community, business and professional interests and work in a non-executive capacity. They are people who are very successful in areas other than further education, and this enables them to bring a broader perspective to the leadership and direction of the College.

The Corporation is constituted under a statutory instrument known as the Instrument of Government and operates within the powers provided under the Articles of Government. Various acts of Parliament such as Further and Higher Education Act of 1992 and Learning and Skills Act 2000 also play a key role in determining the role and powers of the Corporation, as does the Financial Memorandum with the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and the Education Funding Agency (EFA) (the Government’s agencies for planning and funding further education), Audit Code of Practice and general law relating to employment, health and safety, safeguarding, equality & diversity.

Newham College is committed to open and transparent governance. Enquiries are welcome to Judith Nelson, Clerk to the Corporation at

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