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Public access to Corporation meetings

Attendance of non-members at meetings shall be at the invitation of the Chair of the meeting. Persons invited to attend shall withdraw from the meeting if so required by a resolution of the members present.

The draft minutes of meetings will be circulated as soon as possible, following the meeting. Prior to circulation, minutes will be cleared by the Chair of the meeting.

Minutes of meetings shall be available to any person wishing to inspect them during normal office hours. Minutes of non-confidential business are posted on the College website. Requests may be made to the Clerk of the Corporation. Requested papers shall be made available as soon as is possible. Any material which has been designated as confidential at the meeting at which it was discussed shall not be made available.

Minutes of the Remuneration Committee and Planning & Budgeting Committee will be regarded as confidential.

Other items which shall be regarded as confidential include:

  • Matters concerning a named person employed at or proposed to be employed at the College
  • Matters concerning a named student at, or candidate for admission to the College
  • Any other item which the Governing Body is satisfied should be dealt with on a confidential basis.