Access Courses

What is an Access Course?

An Access to Higher Diploma is an intensive 1 year Programme designed to enable mature learners over the age of 18 access university.

The diploma is equivalent to 3 A-Levels and has enabled students to progress onto a range of degrees at prestigious universities.

We currently have 16 access courses for learners to choose from based at both the college’s Stratford and   East Ham Campuses

If learners are not quite ready for an Access Course we also have preparatory Pre-Access courses in Sciences and Social Sciences

Headline Data

  • 16 access courses across both sites
  • 500 learners*
  • 25 Groups
  • 500 learners
  • Success 6.7% above national rates
  • Russell Group Progress 7% above national rates

Departments and Pathways

Access Pathways