Giving our apprentices real jobs and industry experience whilst gaining nationally accredited skills and training

Apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to studying full time at a college on a specific programme for those that would benefit from an element of learning on the job, gaining relevant and useful qualifications, whilst being paid. However, it is important to know and to remember that apprenticeships are not an easy option; they require you to work and study hard, while you gain the rewards that make it all worthwhile.

How do apprenticeships work?

Our apprenticeships are designed to ensure you develop the skills the employer wants, giving you a real advantage in the workplace, with better long-term salary prospects and excellent progression opportunities. Find out more about how our apprenticeships work here.

What apprenticeships do we offer?

Our apprenticeship programmes are currently available in the following career areas:


Accounts/Finance Assistant Apprenticeship in Accounting (Level 2)
Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3)
Professional Accounting/Tax Technician Apprenticeship Standard (Level 4)

Business Administration

Advanced Apprenticeship in Business and Administration (Level 3)
Advanced Apprenticeship in Business and Administration - Medical Pathway (Level 3) (with Level 2 Award in AMSPAR - City & Guilds Medical Terminology)
Advanced Team Leader Supervisor (Level 3)
Customer Service Practitioner Standard (Level 2)

Catering & Hospitality

Commis Chef (Level 2)
Hospitality Team Member - Food Production Pathway (Level 2)

Laboratory Technician within Colleges/Schools

Laboratory Technician Apprenticeship Standard (Level 3)

Engineering/Electrical Maintenance

Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician (Level 3)
Engineering Operative (Level 2)
Rail Engineering Operative (Level 2)
Property Maintenance Operative (Level 2)
Electrical Installation (Level 3) (covers the 18th Edition)

Childcare/Child-minding/Teaching Assistant

Intermediate Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Teaching Assistant) (Level 2)
Early Years Practitioner Pathway (Level 2)
Early Years Educator (Level 3)
Advanced Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (Teaching Assistant) (Level 3)

Fashion & Textiles

Intermediate Apprenticeship in Fashion And Textiles - Various Pathways (Level 2)
Advanced Apprenticeship in Fashion And Textiles - Various Pathways (Level 3)

Applying to become an apprentice

There are three main ways to apply for an apprenticeship with Newham College. Once you commence an apprenticeship programme, you will be employed.

Option One

Scroll through the live list of current vacancies displayed below and click the ‘Apply’ button for your preferred apprenticeship. You will be redirected to the government’s Find an Apprenticeship service where you can complete your application. This is potentially your fastest route to an apprenticeship. Find out more about the application process here.

Option Two

Send a copy of your CV to the Apprenticeships team at and you will be invited to come along for an interview and take an assessment test where you will be asked about the types of jobs you are interested in.

In order to progress your application, you will still need to eventually apply for a specific job in the same way as mentioned above, or where one of our team may recommend you to an employer because of your interest or skill levels in relation to the actual job. This is not a faster way to gain entry to an apprenticeship but a way to make yourself known to our team and to have your details added to a waiting list of applicants.

Option Three

You could also find your own employer and inform us of their interest in recruiting you so that a member of the team can visit them and officially sign them up with the college before you start working for them. This could be a company or business that you know through family or friends, or somewhere you have worked previously in a part-time or casual role.

However in order to be recognised as an official apprenticeship, the work you do needs to be able to be linked to an actual apprenticeship programme and that the employer must agree to allow you all of the same benefits as regular apprentices enjoy, including regular day-release to study and mentoring and support throughout your apprenticeship.

Already employed?

If you are already employed, you can speak to your manager about starting an apprenticeship as part of your career development. You can also contact us to ensure that there is an apprenticeship standard that covers your role and we will be able to advise you about your options.

You could still be eligible to train as an apprentice while you are working, even if you may have already undertaken an apprenticeship in one of the old framework areas or at a lower level or even in a different job role entirely.

Your line manager or HR manager will need to be involved before you can enrol, and we would be happy to contact them for you and give them all the reasons why an apprenticeship will be of benefit to their organisation. We’re always happy to take the time to explain the funding and the benefits to employers who are considering enrolling their employees onto an apprenticeship.

Employ an apprentice

As a leading provider of apprenticeships, we work with businesses to help them develop highly skilled employees and the leaders of tomorrow. Find out more about how we can invigorate your business with highly skilled apprentices from Newham College.

Contact us

We’re here to help. For advice and further information, email the Apprenticeships team at or call us on 020 8522 5759.