Employ an Apprentice

Apprenticeship information for employers

The government watch dog Ofsted has graded the training of apprentices at Newham College as good with more apprentices achieving on time than other organisation around the country.

Support you will receive:

  • a free-of-charge recruitment service including vacancy advertising, initial assessments, interviews and pre-screening of all applicants
  • administrative support with processing applications, creating apprenticeship agreements and making grant applications
  • a dedicated account manager and assessor who will meet with you and your apprentice at the beginning of the programme, and regularly throughout
  • review meetings at least every 10 weeks
  • regular visits from an Assessor to monitor the progress of your apprentice’s training
  • guidance and support throughout the entire process of finding, hiring and training apprentices

Training your apprentices will receive:

Newham college apprenticeships consist of five key elements;

Apprenticeship Framework

A competence qualification

Your apprentice will work towards an NVQ in their chosen discipline normally via guidance given during assessor visits.

A technical qualification

This is typically a theory-based qualification completed as day release into college. Some apprenticeships now merge this element with the competence.

Functional Skills – maths, English, ICT

If your apprentice has not previously achieved GCSEs at grades A to C in maths, English and in some cases ICT, they can work towards them as part of their apprenticeship.

Employer Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

Assessors will work with apprentices to ensure they have an understanding of their employment rights and of their responsibilities to you as their employer.

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)

Support will be given to apprentices to aid their learning and help them manage their time.

  • Apprentices have to complete all five elements in order to successfully complete their apprenticeship. They will be required to log all of their learning throughout their apprenticeship programme and create a portfolio of work to prove they have the required skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve their qualifications.

For further information, email us at apprenticeships@newham.ac.uk or call us on 0208 522 5759.