Getting Started and the Employer Role

Where to start
Identify roles within your organisation that might be suitable ,e.g. temporary positions that could develop into apprenticeships, or areas of your business that you are growing and require additional support. Newham College can offer an organisational needs analysis, free of charge.

Once your apprentice is recruited
An apprenticeship agreement and contract must be in place, signed by you and the apprentice. Agreement details must specify:

  • How long the apprenticeship is for
  • The training you will give them
  • Their working conditions
  • Qualifications they are working towards
    This is another service that Newham College can administer on your behalf.

It is important that your business:

  • Believes in apprenticeships and is prepared to invest in them.
  • Understands that many apprentices will not have  previous experience.
    Will provide the apprentice guidance and support in understanding

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