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Do you have the artistic flair to bring the new Barts Health Futures Hub to life? £300 says you do!

What is Barts Health Futures?

The Barts Health Futures hub is a partnership between Newham College and Barts Health NHS Trust. Located in a dedicated space within Newham College, the hub aims to promote and secure employment, apprenticeships and health careers for the young population of Newham both within Barts Health and the wider healthcare sector.

And the competition?

Within the reception area of the dedicated Barts Health Futures hub space, there is a huge blank wall, but we’d like to change this and really bring it to life, in a vibrant, engaging way – through art!

We’re looking for an artist(s) to fill this space with art that reflects the hub’s aim, which is to promote careers in the healthcare service, and the different types of roles within this area. For reference, we have included a picture of the wall (below), to give you a sense of its shape and size.

Design guidance

We would love you to submit a full-colour sketch of what you think this could look like, keeping the below elements in mind.

When submitting your sketch, please keep in mind that there are some elements which will need to be included in it. These elements are:

  • The Barts Health NHS Trust logo (in hand drawn form in any style)
  • The Newham College logo (in hand drawn form in any style)
  • The colour blue should feature throughout the work

Other elements to consider

When people think of the NHS, they automatically think of nurses and doctors but there are hundreds of other roles available within the NHS. From porters, physiotherapists and pathologists to clinical scientists, data analysts and communicators.

Because the Barts Health Futures hub aims to promote careers in the whole of the NHS, we want this artwork to reflect that, so please consider how you should showcase the huge variety of roles available within the NHS/healthcare service.

You can learn more about these online.

How to submit your sketches

Please submit your sketches to Matt Fawcett by Friday 11 June 2021. Entrants must be a student at Newham College and over 16 years of age.

Entries should be submitted in landscape orientation (or in the above shape) and sent in either a jpg, png or pdf format. With your submission, please include the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your email address
  • Your student ID number
  • Your course name
  • How you heard about this competition

All submissions will be reviewed by staff from Barts Health NHS Trust and Newham College who are spearing heading Barts Health Futures.

And the lucky winner?

The winner(s) will be notified via email by Friday 18 June 2021 and will be required to paint the mural during Summer 2021 in time for the new academic year. The team at Barts Health Futures may make some suggestions relating to the content of the artwork, working in collaboration with the artist on this.

The work will also be promoted via various communication channels, including websites and social media, with full credit given to the artist(s).

The winner will be awarded £300, with second and third place receiving £200 and £100 respectively.

Need more info?

If you would like to speak to someone to learn more about this opportunity, please contact Shane Thomas from Barts Health NHS Trust or Matt Fawcett from Newham College.

Barts Health Futures in partnership with Barts Health NHS Trust