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Action Research

Action Research is aimed at actively investigating barriers and opportunities to increase mathematical understanding of achievement within the post-16 sector with a key focus on GCSE maths. This is undertaken by practitioners who explore alternative and systematic approaches within all aspects of delivering a maths curriculum using established academic principles and research as a foundation for this exploration.


Access the full reports from action research projects undertaken by Centres for Excellence in Maths across the country in 2020-21.

Newham College Action Research was recently used as a case study in the interim project report, Changing the Experience of FE Maths. Also find Newham’s action research reports, presentations and resources throughout the CfEM project.

Learner journeys

Action Research leads

2019-2020: Julie Baxter, Elizabeth Hopker, Mohamed Ibrahim, Chris Lynch (WKC)
2020-2021: Elizabeth Hopker, Mohamed Ibrahim
2021-2022: Rebecca Atherfold (Southwark College), Elizabeth Hopker