College plans for courses starting on site in September 2020

In line with government guidelines, the College plans for a full return to study based on social distancing while in college and via “curriculum bubbles”. Timed entry and queue systems may be in place to maintain social distancing into communal areas when arriving at college for enrolment and during the first few weeks of study. Students should stay in assigned groups and classroom as indicated.


For those wishing to start a new course and wish to speak to a member of staff face-to-face, a pre-booked appointment system is in use for interviews and enrolments.

All returning students from 2019-20 will already have an offer a place via an email and you should confirm your acceptance by replying to this email immediately to secure your enrolment on your new or continuing studies for September.

For many new adult learners, initial advice and guidance for enrolment is expected to be in person with a pre-booked appointment with the Admissions team to support your enrolment over the summer and into the autumn.


All students will receive a text message by Friday evening, 11 September with a specific date and time of when to come into the college next week (week of 14 September). When you arrive at the college, you will be directed to your classroom and your teacher will give you a socially distanced timetable. Arrival times will be staggered by curriculum area to minimise interaction between groups and to maximise social distancing.

If you are enrolled and have not received this text message by the Friday before your start date, please call the relevant curriculum office for further information:

  • Service Industries (Business, Sport, Digital Studies, Travel & Tourism, Health and Social Care, Hair and Beauty, Catering, Fashion): 0208 257 4517/4261
  • Science, Construction and Engineering: 0208 257 4338/4169
  • Directorate for Community, ESOL and High Needs:  0208 257 4338/4169
  • Higher Education: 0208 257 4338/4169

Course delivery

Learners aged 14-19

For young adults aged 14-19 studying from autumn 2020, your timetable involves at least 2-3 days of full study in college in addition to some remote learning. The priority is to deliver practical skills in workshops, salons and laboratories with other elements of your study programme such as English and maths, theory, and tutorials delivered through some face-to-face classroom sessions with webcasts where necessary and blended learning based on class size to maintain social distancing. Where classroom sizes allow, full delivery for all learners at the same time will happen.

Adult learners

Courses for adults (aged 19 or over) start the week beginning 14 September. Most adults will attend for a full morning or afternoon – not a full day – to maintain social distancing and adult learners are expected to attend only at specified times and not to be on campus unless timetable. Full access to self-study, webcasts and online books are available to support remote learning as and where necessary.

Timed entry into college

Different curriculum areas will have different time slots for entry to the college sites. You should attend in the timed window at the time advised at enrolment to enable social distanced “curriculum bubbles” to be in place across the week. On arrival, you should go directly to your allocated classroom on the timetable. Queuing systems will in place outside the college to maintain social distancing in foyers and entrances for start times.


Engineering and Construction students to start between 8.45 am-9.15 am
Access to Higher Education students to start between 9.15 am-9.30 am
Young ESOL (16-18) students to start between 9.15 am-9.30 am
Adult ESOL students from 9.30 am onwards.
Digital Technology students to start between 9.00 am-9.15 am

East Ham

Business, Sports, Health & Social Care, Hair & Beauty, Travel & Tourism and Digital Technology students start between 8.45 am-9.30 am.
All 14-18 Foundation students start from 8.45 am-9.15 am.
All High Needs students start from 9.45 am
Adult ESOL start from 9.30 am onwards

Both campuses

Part-time afternoon classes start from 12.30 pm-12.45 pm entry at both Stratford and East Ham.
Evening classes will remain the same across all campuses starting at 6 pm.

For further information about what the college and studying from September will look like, scroll through the slides below:

Next steps

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For students, there is a regularly updated guidance procedure which students should adhere to. The guidance remains in place until the government requirement for social distancing is removed.

For college community venues, individual site opening times and days are subject to agreement with our local authority partner, Newham Council, and we will be in touch to arrange interviews and start times with applicants for these venues.

The College maintains an up-to-date risk assessment of its premises to ensure students, staff and visitors can feel safe and maintain social distancing.