Health & Social Care

Beginners Certificate in Health and Social Care - ESOL

18 Weeks , Day time , East Ham Campus
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Is the Course for me?

p> The Entry Level 3 Certificate in Health and Social Care aims to give you the opportunity to provide an educational foundation for a range of careers in Health and Social Care.

It will enable you to develop a range of skills and attitudes essential for working in the Health and Social Care sector. You will also be able to further develop your communication and team work skills.

What is involved?

The main focus of this course is to build your knowledge of care organisations, policies and the role of the care worker. The units covered in the course will introduce you to skills that are essential when caring for children, young people and older people.
You will also learn about the aspects of living that are associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. By the end of the course you will know how to maintain healthy, safe and secure environments within the Health and Social Care sector.

The work is internally and externally assessed and there are no exams.
Various assessment methods are used to ensure learning & teaching has taken place such as peer assessment, case studies, practical demonstration, role play, presentations and written assignments. Flexibility is provided for any learner with SEN; support is available from the SEN team. The maintenance of high standards is our priority, in order to make the lessons interesting and stimulating for all learners.

Group and one to one feedback is set up on the programme to further assist you with successfully completing the course. Support feedback is at flexible times to meet your needs. This could occur during the daytime or evenings.


You may progress to a Level 1 Certificate course in Health and Social Care.
You may also choose to go to work in a Health and Social Care setting.

Course Requirements

No formal entry requirements needed.
Initial Diagnostic Assessment has to be completed before you are enrolled; you need to achieve Entry 2 English to be accepted on to the Entry Level 3 course. This is to ensure you are put on the right course at the right level.