Preparation for Employment

ESOL Employability Entry Level 2

12 Weeks , Day time , East Ham Campus
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Is the Course for me?

If you are seeking employment and need English to assist you in this step then this is for you.

What is involved?

The course runs for 2 hours a week over 12 weeks. You will have a fun and informal assessment of your spoken English and will then be introduced to different English sounds. You will also work on different aspects of pronunciation such as word stress and intonation


When you complete the course there are a number of options available to you. You can choose to attend an English class and take an examination in Speaking and Listening, Reading or Writing. You can also chose to continue developing your English skills within a course that reflects your chosen career path, for example - Introduction to the Language of Childcare. The course is also an excellent grounding if you wish to progress to a vocational course within Newham College or Newham Adult Learning Service

Course Requirements

No qualifications are necessary, just a willingness to learn.