English, Languages and Communication

ESOL Qualification Level 2 - Reading (Evening)

13 Weeks , Evening , East Ham Campus
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Is the Course for me?

It is designed for those who would like to learn and develop their English skills at Level 2.

What is involved?

The lessons are student centered. You will learn in a variety of ways. There will be tasks, independent study, group discussions, presentations, evaluation of your work etc. Your progress will be reviewed by your tutor. You will be learning English but at the same time you will be improving your IT skills. By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • use basic everyday phrases and answer questions about personal information
  • write simple sentences on familiar topics
  • ask for basic information using simple phrases
  • interact with a co-operative partner
Your teacher will mark your work and will make comments on the work you have done. Your teacher will talk to you about your learning goals and will set targets for you to achieve throughout the duration of the course. Your teacher will monitor your progress and discuss methods for achieving your targets. You will also sit an end of term assessment

Course Requirements

Once we have received your application you will be invited to the College for an ESOL assessment workshop. All applicants must attend the workshop and sit an initial assessment test.