Supported Internship (Ground Maintenance)

36 Weeks , Day time , Stratford Campus
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Is the Course for me?

This course is for you if… You want your own personal study programme that:

  • allows you to put employment skills into practice in a workplace
  • builds on your existing skills and talents
  • improves your English and maths
  • supports you to meet your personal goals
  • prepares you for further study and employment

What is involved?

You will…

  • attend a five day per week internship for up to 30 weeks
  • be taught by our experienced and committed staff who will understand your ambitions and support needs
  • be supported to build on your independence skills through regular and practical activities
  • develop your communication and functional skills
  • learn to apply your talents in real-life situations
  • study topics that are of a personal interest and meaningful to your future choices


To seek employment

Course Requirements

We will design your personal study programme based on your current achievements. All we ask that you are motivated to achieve your true potential.