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Higher Education: Terms and Conditions for students

We have briefly outlined some of the key areas regarding terms and conditions for HE students. All of our Higher Education policies and procedures are outlined on this page.

If you encounter any difficulties accessing the information below or if there is anything you do not understand, please contact us at

Changes to advertised programmes

Newham College London strives to maintain accurate information about our HE programmes on this website. However, it may be necessary to update this information after you have applied or accepted an offer. Reasons for such updates include:

  • Requests from current students to modify the programme
  • Updates to specifications by our awarding organisations
  • Staff changes that affect the team's range of expertise
  • New or amended legislation affecting higher education
  • Quality review processes conducted by Newham College London
  • Quality review processes conducted by awarding organisations
  • Progression arrangements developed with employers/universities
  • Accreditation agreements developed with Professional, Statutory, and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs)

Programme cancellations

At Newham College London, programme cancellations are only authorised by the principal or other senior managers entrusted with this responsibility. We understand that circumstances may arise where we are unable to deliver the advertised programme due to major changes, such as staff changes, or if the number of applicants is insufficient to sustain the programme.

Click here for further information on changes to the advertised programme and programme cancellations.

Fees and costs

The fees listed on the HE courses pages of our website are referred to as 'tuition' fees. These fees cover the essential components of your course, including teaching, materials used in lessons, any mandatory trips, and fees paid to the awarding organisation (e.g., Pearson). If you are applying for a student loan through Student Finance, these fees represent the maximum loan amount available to you.

Please note that the tuition fees quoted are for one year of study.

Click here for further information on our fees and costs.

Students with disabilities/learning difficulties

At Newham College, we are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties. We warmly welcome you to join our college community.

If you have a long-term health condition, mental health condition, or a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia or dyspraxia, you may be eligible for additional support with your studies. In order to access this support, it is important that you meet the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010.

To receive this support, you will need to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). DSA is a grant that covers the extra study-related expenses you may incur due to your disability or specific learning difficulty. The great news is that DSA is not means-tested and does not have to be repaid.

We recommend applying for DSA as soon as you receive an offer to study at Newham College London, as the application process can take several weeks. However, even if you have already started your course, you can still apply for DSA.

If you would like more information about DSA and access to the application form, you can visit the DSA website through the links provided below:

Once your DSA application is approved, you will receive a Notification of Entitlement that outlines the support you will receive. DSA may cover expenses such as specialist equipment (e.g., a computer if needed due to your disability), non-medical helpers (e.g., note takers, communication support workers, proof-readers), additional travel costs related to your disability, 1:1 specialist study skills support, and other disability-related expenses related to studying.

Your responsibilities as a student

At Newham College London, we want to ensure that all our students have a positive and respectful learning experience. To achieve this, there are a few rules and expectations we have in place for our Higher Education (HE) programs. It is important to follow these guidelines, as failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, which could potentially impact your ability to continue with your program.

College Code of Conduct

As a student at Newham College London, we expect you to:

  • Help maintain a pleasant environment for everyone
  • Show respect for others and uphold our Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Behave in a polite manner, avoiding actions that may cause offence to others
  • Respect property and possessions
  • Uphold the good reputation of the College, both on and off campus
  • Follow health and safety procedures, including evacuation protocols
  • Wear and display your college ID card at all times, ensuring you never lend it to anyone else
  • Observe our no smoking policy, indoors and outdoors (except in designated areas)
  • Comply with our policies regarding the use of Information Technology (IT) facilities
  • Dress appropriately for college activities and avoid wearing hats and hoods

The College's Zero Tolerance Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy for the following behaviours:

  • Acts of vandalism, spitting, and littering
  • Bullying, threatening, or abusive behaviour, whether verbal, physical, or through electronic means
  • Harassment in any form
  • Swearing or using offensive language towards others
  • Engaging in fighting or any form of loud or aggressive behaviour
  • Participating in criminal activity
  • Attempting to convert individuals to religious faiths or political causes
  • Using College premises to promote a political or religious agenda
  • Using, possessing, or being under the influence of illegal substances
  • Possessing and/or misusing alcohol during college hours
  • Using mobile phones, personal music systems, or other electronic devices in class without teacher approval
  • Eating or drinking in non-designated areas of the College
  • Unauthorised use of college hardware, software, student email, or data
  • Engaging in activities that may disrupt College, its students, staff, or property
  • Behaviour that may bring disrepute to the College's name

Attendance and Punctuality

Regular attendance and punctuality are crucial for your success in your HE program. You are expected to attend all sessions on your timetable and be on time. Poor attendance and punctuality may lead to disciplinary action.

Health and Safety

As part of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Newham College London complies with strict health and safety regulations. Throughout your course, you will encounter strong emphasis on safety procedures. We take the safety of our students very seriously and want to ensure that you learn in a secure environment. Therefore, you should never be asked to operate any machinery or equipment or handle potentially hazardous chemicals or substances without proper risk assessment and training. In certain workshops, kitchens, laboratories, craft rooms, or leisure facilities, you must wear appropriate protective clothing. Failure to do so may result in restricted access to these areas.

Fire Alarms and Evacuations

In the event of a fire alarm sounding, both staff and students are required to evacuate the building. Each classroom provides information on the nearest fire exit and displays the College fire procedure. Security barriers automatically deactivate throughout the College, allowing for a quick and safe escape. The fire department will dispatch two fire engines to the College, and staff will ensure that the surrounding area remains clear. No one should re-enter the building until the alarms have been turned off and the fire department has declared the premises safe. The Duty Manager will indicate when it is safe to return.

Equality and Diversity

At Newham College London, we value and promote respect among all students, staff, and visitors. Discrimination is prohibited based on age, gender, ethnic origin, disability, sexuality, gender reassignment, or faith. We celebrate the diversity of our students and staff and strive to provide an inclusive environment for everyone. If you witness or experience unfair treatment, bullying, harassment, or discrimination within the College, please notify a tutor, someone in our Student Support team, or any other staff member.

Use of IT Facilities

As an enrolled student, you will have access to various College IT facilities, including Moodle (our virtual learning environment), Office 365 Apps Account, and a College Email account. It is essential to use these systems in accordance with our policies on E-Safety, Use of Software, and Use of IT.

Remember, adhering to these rules and responsibilities is crucial to ensure a positive and productive learning environment for all students. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in being unable to achieve your qualification or progress to the next year of your HE programs.

Assessment rules

At Newham College, we want to ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed in your studies.

Click here for further information on our fees and costs.

Academic misconduct

At Newham College, we uphold academic integrity and expect all students to do the same. Academic Misconduct encompasses various forms of cheating in assessments, including:

  • Directly copying or paraphrasing the work of others and presenting it as your own (plagiarism)
  • Getting someone else or using essay writing software to produce all or part of your work
  • Collaborating with other students to produce work and submitting it as your own individual work
  • Copying another student's work with or without permission
  • Knowingly allowing a student to copy your work
  • Resubmitting previously graded work
  • Using forbidden notes or books during work or tests
  • Presenting work downloaded from the internet or online sources as your own
  • Fabricating results, such as experiments, research, interviews, or observations
  • Deliberately destroying another student's work
  • Giving your work to another student so that they can copy from it

When you sign to confirm that all work you have submitted is your own, it is essential to understand the concept of Academic Misconduct. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to reach out to your tutor for clarification.

At Newham College, we take Academic Misconduct seriously. Anyone caught cheating will face penalties in accordance with our Academic Misconduct Policy. Consequences include disqualification from units or even the entire qualification. It is important to note that Academic Misconduct is reported to the Awarding Body (e.g., Pearson), who may take further action as it can be considered a criminal act.

To promote academic integrity and prevent Academic Misconduct, we require all written work to be submitted through Turnitin – a software developed to check student submissions. This helps us ensure fairness and maintain the highest standards of learning and assessment.

Click here for further information on Academic Misconduct.

Our full Higher Education policies are available here.