English for Academic and Professional Purposes

At NHEC, we recognise that academic reading and writing can be challenging. Therefore, in order to support you in your studies, we offer an English for Academic and Professional Purposes (EAPP) module,

which provides a very thorough grounding in many areas of grammar and English usage, as well as enabling you to use these tools to write fluently, correctly and in the style necessary when producing academic documents of all types. These skills are necessary for all your undergraduate assessments.

The EAPP Support Programme has been designed for all students who:

  • Do not speak English as their first language
  • Have not had lots of experience with academic writing
  • Need to improve their level of English for undergraduate study at Newham College Higher Education Centre
  • Wish to attend more sessions for practice

This module aims to improve the language skills needed for study.  You will have opportunities to explore these and improve in a very supportive and non-threatening environment.

Those of you who have English as a first language, but have not had a lot of experience with academic writing, will find that the grammar lessons will really help you to improve your writing, in particular, the tips to turn your already fluent, colloquial English into formal, written language. It will also introduce you to more sophisticated structures, which you may be less familiar with and which will enhance your academic writing.

Many students find that attending these sessions at the beginning of their 3-year degree course, stands them in good stead for subsequent years. You will really find it to be an exciting and worthwhile course.