Help with Funding


Student Finance Brief Guide

How much student finance do I get?

Students can normally claim 3 years of funding for student fees and maintenance (4 if taking level 0) with an additional ‘gift year’. You can normally claim maintenance loans for additional years.

What is the gift year?

Beware the ‘gift year’ does not equate to 120 credits of study but to any portion of study in one year, and cannot be claimed for more than one year. This means that if, for example, after your first year of study you cannot progress to the next level and instead need to retake three modules for your first year (level 4) this will use up your gift year.  So if, in a subsequent year, you need to retake modules in order to progress to the next level then the fees for this will not be covered by your student loan.

Can I get additional student finance years?

If you have had serious personal circumstances (for example major illness) you might be able eligible for additional student finance. Contact the Student Finance England (SFE) for further information (tel: 0300 100 0607).

When should I apply:

It can take months to get all the paperwork done and your loan agreed so submit your application as early as possible. Applications can be made 9 months after the start of the academic year.

Help with finance

Students who have problems with student finance can apply for an Emergency Loan or a Learning Revolution Trust Bursary. See below for who is eligible and how to apply.

Learner Support

If you have a learning difficulty such as dyslexia, a disability or require sensory support you may be able to receive help with:

  • Claiming Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) and Assessment for Dyslexia
  • Reasonable Adjustments in Relation to Your Learning Difficulty or Disability
  • Advice on Assistive Equipment and Technologies
  • One to One Study Skills Support
  • Exam Concessions
  • Access Around the Campus
  • Supporting Independence

If you are eligible for DSA we can offer non-medical help one to one study skills support and mentor support. See our current rates.
We can also offer a subsidised dyslexia assessment for DSA purposes for £150.00.

For further information please contact the Disability Support Officer.


Learner Support Central Offices
Room G108
Stratford Campus
Welfare Road
E15 4HT
Telephone 020 8257 4605

Emergency Loan Fund

Who is it for?

The Emergency Loan Fund is a fund set up by Newham College Higher Education Centre to help students who begin the semester and haven’t received their student finance payment. It is for Higher Education Learners who have applied for student finance but not yet received confirmation and is designed to help students with maintenance costs up until they receive their money. The maximum loan available is £500.

How do I apply for the fund?

You need to speak to one of the Student Engagement Officers in order to apply. You will also need to match certain criteria. In essence, you need to have applied for and not received your student finance and be enrolled on the course. You will need to provide evidence of your income and expenditure and an assessor will assess you for an award. You will need to repay the loan when you receive your student finance.

Learning Revolution Trust Bursary

Who is it for?

The Learning Revolution Trust is a Newham College charity who funds these awards to support the continued participation of adult learners (aged 19 or over) studying a degree at NHEC.  The Learning Revolution Trust Higher Education awards are worth up to £1,500 each.

You can apply if:

• Age 19 or over and studying on a degree at NHEC
• Can demonstrate that you would be prevented from continuing/studying for their degree due to financial hardship and lack of family support
• Are ineligible for financial support through the Student Loan Company

How do I apply for the fund?

Email for further details and an application form.