Guest Lecturer Inspires NUC Students

The founder and owner of St John Legal in Bloomsbury, London visited NUC as a guest lecturer on Wednesday 2nd May.

Many students turned out to hear him talk and those who study law, social science and related subjects took the opportunity to learn to about contracts, remedies for breach, the compliance act and more.

Their guest lecturer, Keith Lobo did not start his career in law until the age of 32. He went on to become a commercial litigator and contract specialist after training at a large regional and city practice. He began his law degree at the age of 28 and founded St John Legal in 2010. Keith introduced himself as a lawyer who did not come from a conventional background, like many others in the sector. 

I felt truly honoured to speak to the students about commercial law and to give them an insight into my career
Keith Lobo


Keith primarily deals with business disputes including contract claims, partnership and shareholder actions, directors disqualification proceedings, wrongful trading and breaches of fiduciary duty as well as injunctions. His lecture lasted two hours and he provided students with example cases to give them knowledge of how he works.

He has also developed a practice focused on the protection of consumer rights and advises several clients on regulatory issues. In addition to this he is a Registered Lawyer with the Football Association and also volunteers as a guest speaker in prisons.

The NUC Lecturer who invited him in, Elspeth Mcconnell said:

There was a very good turnout and the audience were extremely appreciative! I think the session benefited many of our students and staff, not only the Business and Law ones”.

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