Fashion and Tailoring

On completion of the course, graduates will be well equipped to further their careers in the costume sector or further their studies onto a degree programme. The opportunities these learnt skills will award are broad.

The Costume Designer role is to define the overall ‘look' of TV productions and films, and their role requires a great deal of expertise, achieved within strict budgets, and to tight schedules. Costume Designers must carry out research into the costume styles, designs and construction methods suitable for the time period, using a wide variety of resources. A variety of roles in the costume sector in theatre, film and TV may include: costume designer, costume production, wardrobe assistant, textile developer or special effects.

The course covers the following modules: Ideas Generation and Development in Art and Design; Pattern Drafting in Fashion; Techniques and Processes in Textiles; Contextual and Cultural Referencing in Art and Design; Visual Communication in Art and Design; Professional Practice in Art and Design; CAD/CAM for Fashion and Textiles; Research and Development for Fashion Design; Costume Production for performing Arts; Millinery and Headdresses; Professional Practice in Art and Design; Production Techniques in Fashion .