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Get the knowledge and skills required for your journey into the sport of amateur boxing and coaching.

Offered in partnership with England Boxing and Get Set Go Sport, the Newham College Boxing Academy is for students between 16-18 years old, combining full-time education with five hours a week of high-quality boxing coaching throughout the academic year. In addition to vocational qualifications, mentoring in the sport is offered, giving students a pathway into coaching through boxing.

The academy prides itself on offering a unique opportunity to young athletes who are passionate about boxing and are looking to progress in their boxing career through competition or a coaching pathway, whilst continuing their full-time academic education.

Alongside the boxing programme, students will be able to study one of Newham College’s full-time sports qualifications offered at a range of levels. This will give students the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge and skills in an array of sports-related subject areas.

The Newham College Boxing Academy allows students looking to start careers in a vast number of sports industries, including personal trainer, sports therapist, sports journalist, sports coach/community sports leader, and physical education teacher to name a few.

How to apply

Enhance your technical skills with our elite national level coaches using state of the art equipment and full-size mobile boxing ring. Complete your online application and secure your place at the Newham College Boxing Academy today.

Our boxing academy is offered in partnership with England Boxing

Get in the ring

You’re aged 16-18. You have an interest in boxing. We develop coaches who box and boxers who can coach. We think you’re interested but we’re gonna let Coach Dougie convince you.

And then enrol with our Boxing Academy and secure your place in the ring.

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