Sports Academies

Our Sports Academies are designed to enrich your student experience and complement your studies. Newham College’s Academy currently has three specialist areas:

  • Football – in partnership with the West Ham United Foundation (WHU Foundation)
  • Cricket – as part of the national championship-winning Newham College team (NCCA)
  • Boxing - combines full-time education with 5 hours a week of high-quality boxing coaching throughout the academic year

All academy areas are combined with our study programmes, which support learners in achieving their goals, progress and development.

Being part of the Newham College Academy requires commitment and dedication. You will study a college course and train a minimum of twice a week to develop your specialist skills through technical, tactical and game/completion related drills. You will also have access to our Fitness Suite where you will be given individualised strength and conditioning sessions. Competitions are played once a week.

The rewards of being part of the Newham College Academy include positive links with Sport England and the opportunity to play at a competitive local and national level.