Newham College Cricket Academy

Newham College Cricket Academy (NCCA) is one of the most exciting opportunities in Newham.

It is a free programme offering all cricket players (males and females) aged between 16-18 years the opportunity to be involved in a highly successful cricket academy while gaining academic qualifications.

In 2015/16 the NCCA team won the AOC National Indoor Champions, which made them the best indoor cricket team in the United Kingdom.

Newham College Cricket Academy combines education with specialist coaching and outstanding facilities. Alongside your studies, you will train several times per week to develop cricketing skills through technical, tactical and game-related drills, individualised strength and conditioning sessions delivered via our fitness suite.

Further benefits of joining the NCCA include:

  • Positive links with England Cricket Board (ECB) and Sport England
  • Opportunity to compete at national level

To register your interest, contact Peter Theori: 020 8257 4445.