Student Jobs

The College's Earn as You Learn (EAYL) scheme provides flexible working solutions for students and employers by facilitating staff for short term job assignments.

Jobs can last for as little as one hour and opportunities can become available at very short notice.  There are also longer term temporary vacancies that provide you with wide ranging opportunities to do temporary work that does not interfere with your study commitments. EAYL enables you to develop useful skills and practical experience within the world of work.

This new way of working flexibly around your studies will support you in accessing temporary employment within Newham College and with external employers. The jobs you undertake will give you valuable experience and will help you to develop transferable skills for your future career.

By registering to join the EAYL team, you will be among a new pool of students with exclusive access to unique opportunities. You need to be reliable and will be graded for your efforts. If you gain a higher grade then you will get more work. 

The registration process will include an induction and verification interview, which involves confirming your availability, skills, and the types of work you are interested in. 

Working reliably

You will be requested to carry out jobs that match your skills and your availability.

If you are notified of a job that matches your availability, you will be expected to carry out the assignment by turning up on time and doing the job to the best of your ability. If you are a reliable worker you will be asked back to carry out more job assignments. You will be given the opportunity to prove yourself as a reliable worker.

If you have said you are available but fail to complete a job assignment (without reasonable justification) you will be graded as being less reliable.

If you fail to complete three assignments consecutively you will be removed from the EAYL team.

How to register

To register, down the application form below. Email the completed application form together with your CV to quoting "EAYL" in the subject title. You will then be invited to attend an induction, verification interview and activated as an EAYL team member if you are successful.

Download Application form

The verification interview will take no longer than 30 minutes. Once activated, you will be asked when you are available to work and when you would like to be contacted. The details you provide must be accurate and should be updated regularly with the EAYL management team

For further information, please e-mail quoting "EAYL" in the subject title.

Terms and Conditions