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Learner Voice

Learner Voice is our commitment to ensuring that the views and opinions of students are heard and acted on.

Learner Voice allows the College to continually improve the learning experience for students. Your opinions are important to us and we have many avenues available for you to offer your feedback including:

  • Course representative meetings
  • Student Consultative Forum
  • Team meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Learner surveys
  • Steering groups

Each group on each course elects a representative at the beginning of the academic year. That person is entrusted to work with the learner voice and enrichment manager, course team leaders, directors, governors and the Student Parliament executive to express the views of their classmates. Their primary job is to collect feedback from their classmates and bring this information to Student Council or to course team meetings.

This person should be a role model to others on their course and should be able to feedback any information given to them back to their group.

Every student is welcome to attend the Student Consultative Forum where students, governors and staff welcome suggestions and feedback to enhance your time at the college.