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Sport enrichment + FOCUS

We believe in sports for all students regardless of ability, age, gender, ethnicity, or disability. We work very closely with SEND teachers and support staff to engage their students on FOCUS courses in sports and physical activity.

Sport skills development is highly beneficial to our FOCUS students as they learn to improve their understanding of each game, grasp different techniques, play new sports, and build their teamwork and communication skills.

To ensure all FOCUS students get a chance to play a sport that they like and will enjoy, we have a range of sporting activities available to them including badminton, wallball, basketball, football, seated/chair-based yoga, boccia, multi-disability sports and dance.

The Sport Enrichment department will continue to engage our FOCUS students and students with disabilities through our inclusive Sport for All programmes, ensuring that our students gain opportunities and continue to benefit through sport and physical activity.

We are committed to ensuring that we’ll continue to grow and develop our inclusive sport and physical activity offers including expanding competitive opportunities in the future.

Sport for all

With a range of timetabled weekly sports on offer, we have something to suit all tastes. And outside of our weekly timetable, we provide one-off opportunities to engage in non-mainstream activities such as zorbing, archery tag and nerf wars. All these activities are completely free of charge.

So whether it is to get fit, socialise, play in competitive sports or simply to have fun, join us and showcase your talents.

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