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Study programme

Newham College study programmes are so much more than simply a study programme. They give you access to opportunities that enable you to develop as a whole person with the skills and confidence needed for success in the real world.

Opportunities and access include:

Work Experience

Through partnerships with local employers, we will help you become ‘work-ready’ through work experience placements, industry visits, job shadowing and real-life projects.


You’ll be matched with an employer that complies with the East London Business Alliance (ELBA) competencies, where you’ll get the opportunity to develop communication, teamwork, resilience, problem-solving, leadership and self-management.

Study Support

You’ll be offered help and support with any aspect of your study programme to meet your academic potential and become a confident, independent student.

English & Maths

Good qualifications in English and Maths are what employers demand before all others. Suppose you still need to achieve grade 4 or above in your English and maths GCSEs. You will study those alongside your chosen course and automatically form part of your timetable.

16-18 Bursary Fund

Suppose your household/family income is below a certain threshold, or you are receiving certain benefits. In that case, you can apply for a bursary to help you cover several course-related expenses, including:

  • Books, equipment, and uniform (essential to complete your course)
  • Educational trips and visits as approved by the College
  • Travel, if you live more than 3 miles away from the College and TFL’s Zip Travelcard scheme does not cover it
  • Any other course-related expenses as approved by the College

Other financial support:

  • Travel
  • Free meals
  • Discounts
  • Childcare


We have a dedicated enrichment team working across East Ham and Stratford campuses to deliver an exciting and varied blended enrichment programme.

This consists of a wide range of societies, clubs and sports designed to empower, enrich and educate you, enabling you to grow as an individual.

The Wellbeing Service

Our wellbeing service is here to help meet your individual health and wellbeing needs. Ranging from supporting you in helping to build crucial resilience skills, providing mental health first aid, support with referrals to specialist external professional services (both NHS and non-NHS), liaising with other members of staff to ensure your support needs are met and services are working together.

We provide all our students with confidential face-to-face or virtual 1:1 appointments throughout the academic year.

Careers Advice & Guidance

Our careers advisors provide support in various areas to help you explore your course options and identify your potential career path.

We have an excellent approach to careers, advice, and guidance to meet learners’ aspirations. That’s why we have been awarded the full College Matrix accreditation.

Personalised Learning Plan & Tutorials

Each week you will meet with your tutor for a tutorial. This will include a programme of group activities about keeping safe, health, money management, careers, and employability support. You will also have time to set and review your weekly learning and progression targets.