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Learn about mobile app development, social media marketing, digital skills for work and cybersecurity in this Level 2 six-week intensive programme.

This bootcamp is for you if want to:

  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of the core areas of mobile app development.
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of the core areas of social media marketing.
  • Learn the digital skills that will help you progress to a work role where digital skills are required.
  • Learn about cybercrime and understand the routine protective methods used to maintain cybersecurity.

This programme runs for 6 weeks with a mix of on-campus teaching and independent study.

At the end of this bootcamp, you should be able to move on to other related Level 2 qualifications or progress to learning at a higher level.

Level 2 Award in Mobile App Development

You will investigate the characteristics and uses of mobile apps. You will also design, develop and test your own mobile app in line with a design specification.

Modules include:

  • Uses and features of mobile apps
  • Producing a design specification for a mobile app
  • App development
  • Testing and refinement

Level 2 Award in Social Media Marketing

Students will learn how social media marketing is used to promote products and services. They will understand how digital technologies, channels and platforms are used in social media marketing campaigns and develop ideas and strategies to create and present a social media marketing campaign proposal for a particular product or service.

Level 2 Award in Digital Skills for Work

This course will equip students with the digital skills that will be useful to them in a work context, including using and managing information, creating and editing digital content, and communicating and collaborating online.

Students will also learn how to work safely and responsibly and how to be proactive in solving technical problems.

Level 2 Award in Cybersecurity

Students will investigate the accidental and malicious security threats that exist to IT systems and data. They will learn about system vulnerabilities and the tools and techniques used to protect users from risks and potential damage, including loss of data, loss of data integrity and unauthorised access to data.

Modules include:

  • Understand security protection and risk management issues.
  • Understanding and implementing measures to protect IT systems and data from current and evolving threats.
  • Current legal and ethical requirements, and IT security policies and procedures.


You must be unemployed and aged 19+ at the start of this course. There is no requirement for learners to have achieved prior qualifications or units prior to undertaking these qualifications.

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