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Basic digital skills qualifications for life and work.

Our Essential Digital Skills qualifications cover a wide range of contexts that will be suitable for learners who choose to go onto further study, into the workplace or for life skills.

As part of this programme, learners will learn about cybercrime and the risks and effects it has on individuals and organisations.

This programme runs for 3 weeks with a mix of on-campus teaching and independent study.

Following successful completion of this qualification, students may wish to progress onto digital qualifications at a higher level to further develop their understanding and skills. This qualification may also support students to progress into employment.

Entry Level 3 Award in Essential Digital Skills

The course will cover the following skills areas:

  • Using devices and handling information: A basic understanding of hardware, software, operating systems and commonly used applications. Students will develop fundamental digital skills by learning how to manage and store information and identify and solve simple technical issues.
  • Creating and editing: Students will first learn to create and edit documents before moving on to creating and editing other types of digital media, such as images, audio files and videos.
  • Communicating: An understanding of electronic communications, such as email and video calls. Students will gain awareness and be able to use digital communication for a range of contexts and audiences.
  • Transacting: Students will learn to complete and submit an online form, comply with digital verification checks, and purchase an item or service online.
  • Being safe and responsible online: Students will learn about being responsible online, understanding the importance of digital wellbeing. This will involve privacy and data protection, conducting best practice online behaviour, backing up data, and understanding the psychological health risks of online activity.

Level 1 Award in Cybersecurity

Students will learn about cybercrime and the risks and effects it has on individuals and organisations. They will understand routine protective methods used to maintain cybersecurity including the principles of vulnerability and penetration testing and user access control.

Modules include:

  • Common forms of cybercrime and motives and tactics used to defraud
  • Protective methods to maintain cybersecurity
  • Legislation and codes of conduct related to cybersecurity


You must be unemployed and aged 19+ at the start of this course. There is no requirement for learners to have achieved prior qualifications or units prior to undertaking these qualifications.

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