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Essential English and maths qualifications to improve your employability or higher education prospects.

English and maths are key components of your study programme and are at the heart of every course in the college. We recognise that it may be a struggle sometimes, but they are designed to help you succeed in your main course and will help you bridge the gap to further study, apprenticeships or employment.

We use a wide range of online platforms, in-class activities and other tools to support and deliver your learning during lessons and outside of the classroom.

All Functional Skills and GCSE lessons are timetabled for 3 hours a week alongside your main course of study.

Do I need to study English or maths?

Some courses have entry requirements based on your English and maths qualifications. Please speak with a teacher or advisor during the enrolment process for your course or consult the relevant course page for further information.

  • All learners under the age of 19 on 31 August 2021 must fulfil a requirement to study English and/or Maths if they do not have an appropriate pass in either or both subjects up to a Level 2 standard (GCSE grade 4 or above)
  • If you hold a GCSE grade 3 or a full Level 1 Functional Skills qualification in either subject, you will be required to undertake a one-year resit course for GCSE
  • If you hold an Entry Level Functional Skills qualification or GCSE grade 2 or lower, you would be expected to undertake a Functional Skills qualification at the correct level depending on further initial and diagnostic assessment

Level 3 Core Maths

Level 3 Core Maths is a qualification aimed at supporting learners on a range of main courses who are interested in progressing to higher education in the near future.

The qualification is a study of maths tools and techniques focusing on practical real-life applications in areas such as science, engineering, business and humanities. It focuses on critical skills and analysis using statistics, finance and other high-level techniques. It also enables you to use maths tools that you already master to solve a given problem using modelling.

Core Maths carries the same amount of UCAS points as an AS Level and many universities will reduce the entry requirements for a degree course if you are studying Core Maths alongside your main course. There are also pathways to Level 4 apprenticeship or work-based degrees.

If you have a grade 5 or above in GCSE maths and are studying a Level 3 course in one of the following areas, you will be enrolled on Level 3 Core Maths:

  • Science (Foundation/Extended Diploma in Applied Science)
  • Engineering (Foundation/Extended Diploma in Engineering)
  • IT (Foundation/Extended Diploma in Application Development)
  • Business (Foundation/Extended Diploma in Business or Accounting related subject)

To remain on the course, you will need to successfully complete an assessment in week 4/5 and review your progress with teachers.