Customer services, Catering & Hospitality

Customer services, catering and hospitality skills can take you all round the world and there are no limits to the level of progression you can make within these sectors.

Whether you are interested in organising corporate conferences, preparing top class meals, creating mouth-watering menus, or providing first class customer service, there are many options within these industries at home and internationally.

Newham College is a great place to study. The staff are really friendly and helpful, the College is well organised and there are a lot of fantastic facilities and resources to help students reach their potential. The international work experience opportunities are especially good and I will be working in Seville, Spain for two weeks with my classmates. The course has really helped me learn a lot and build my confidence. I now plan to progress onto the Level 3 course, then study Travel and Tourism at university.
Ali Jeilan Travel and Tourism Level 2