Rules of the Search Commitee

Policy statement

Newham College Corporation will appoint governors in a way that reflects the requirements of the Instrument and Articles of Government and the terms of reference of its search committee. It will use a variety of appropriate recruitment strategies and will seek to ensure that vacancies are filled through due process using the following procedures:

   All applications for governing body membership, however introduced, will be assessed impartially against relevant criteria including the most recent skills audit of the experience and knowledge within the current membership and any current role specification. Criteria will be determined in the context of the needs of the governing body at any particular time and will also reflect any statutory requirements.

2    Applicants’ CVs, where applicable, will be shared with the search committee either by electronic means or at its next meeting. Suitable applicants for the role of governor will be given an opportunity to meet with the chair and/or vice chair and the principal for an informal discussion about the role. This will provide both parties an opportunity to review in more detail the requirements of the role and enable discussion about how the professional and personal experiences the applicant brings may contribute to the governance process.

3    In all cases, the search committee will decide upon the advice to be given to the governing body in relation to new governors.

   If governing body approval is given to the recommendation(s) of the search committee in relation to new governors, the clerk will request a formal acceptance of governing body membership. The clerk will provide the appointee with current copies of relevant documentation, including statutory documents relating to governance and those adopted by Newham College Corporation. The clerk will ensure satisfactory completion of the membership formalities.

   Following formal acceptance of governorship, the new appointee(s) will be deemed a member of the governing body and will undertake any required training.

6    The search committee will review its rules annually or earlier as appropriate.