Award-Winning Science Project Highlights Students’ Capabilities

Three science students from Newham College have completed an award winning project, which gained recognition at the Big Bang London East, Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) fair.

Award Winning Science Project

Tasmin Raphael, Kelsey Amoako and Anik Khan began a research project during the first week of June, in order to enter the Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers competition in July. They carried out a study of homeostasis in plants and observed the way in which various types of pollution effect plant life. They grew cress under varying conditions ranging from different atmospheres and soil nutrient levels, through to exposing seeds to radioactivity. This enabled them to examine the effects of more common pollution, such as acid rain, in comparison to the extremities of radioactive fallout.   

Their project, Plants and Pollution: The effects of a Changing World on Our Crops, was one of many entries for the Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers competition for people aged 10 – 18. It was commended for being the ‘Best Scientific Enquiry’ at the regional finals for East London. The competition judges described it as ‘a very well defined experiment, testing a number of variables, with a well-articulated explanation of underlying scientific principles’. 

Newham College, Science Technician, Philip Stobbart says:

“The Big Bang competition highlights and rewards young people's achievements all over the country. There are hundreds of entries from people in full-time education or training every year and our students have done extremely well to be awarded. They put a lot of effort into their project and we’re very proud of what they’ve achieved here at the College”. 

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