Newham College Student’s bid for funding raises cash for anti-bullying app

16 year old Barjol Ntoulellari, who is preparing to take his GCSEs in Newham College’s secondary education department, has won funding for a lifesaving business idea.

The enterprising youngster plans to launch a safeguarding app to protect young people from dangers linked to cybercrime. The app will combat online bullying, which encourages harmful behaviour that can lead to suicide.

Barjol was inspired to create the app when he was at school in Greece and noticed classmates with cuts on their arms. He then discovered that they were engaging in destructive activities in response to being victimised online. His social media app will counteract these sorts of scenarios by providing a safe platform that will promote positive interactions between teenagers. The app will give users access to opportunities for employment and practical information that could even save lives.

Barjol went alone to pitch his safeguarding idea to a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style panel for business funding at the University of Westminster. Investors singled him out from 200 other entrepreneurs who were also bidding and although he was the youngest, he came 2nd!

He was advised that his English speaking skills prevented him from receiving 1st place, so Newham College is now giving him extra English lessons.  His teachers hope this will increase his chances of gaining additional investment at a later date.

Barjol has been awarded with £300 towards developing the app. He is also being mentored by a representative at University of Westminster. 

“I want to launch the app within Newham College, because this is where I’ve had the most support. I want to meet with key people who can help me develop my idea, since I need more funding and technical assistance. I want to set it up as quickly as I can, because it’s going to help young people in my age group.”
Barjol Ntovlellavi


Head of Newham College’s secondary education, Bianca Holman says

“He is a fabulous student who deserves all the praise for what he did on his own! Newham College will support his efforts to further his idea by providing assistance in every way we can.”

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