Dyslexia Awareness Week at Newham College

The dyslexia support team at Newham College will share life- changing information throughout Dyslexia Awareness Week, from 1st October – 7th October.

Dyslexia is a hidden disability, but it’s the most common learning difficulty there is. The Dyslexia Support Team at Newham College works hard to tackle the challenges that dyslexic students face. We’re dedicated to helping people achieve the best results
Remi Fani-Kayode Dyslexia support tutor

A number of dyslexic students at the College were awarded for exemplary accomplishments in 2018. Lee Michael Morgan, who studied Access to Health and Social Care, was named ‘Student of the Year’ at Newham College’s Shining Stars awards ceremony in June. Lee left school with no qualifications, but became an exceptional student and completed his course with top grades. Lee was given a Dyslexia Assessment at Newham College and had Dyslexia tutorial support while he studied.  He had not been assessed as dyslexic until he enrolled and had previously struggled with literacy. Lee has now gained place on a leading Social Work Degree. He is 1 of only 60 students who gained places out of 2500 applicants.

Newham College’s University Centre (NUC) named David Stephen Pender as Higher Education Student of the year at the same awards ceremony. David first came to London from Cornwall many years ago as a window cleaner and is now training to become a counsellor. He acted as class rep for counselling students and willingly supported his peers with enthusiasm. He has been dedicated to representing his classmates at every opportunity.

Julanta Cariere, who studied Access to Science, won the Outstanding Progress trophy at Newham College’s Shining Stars awards ceremony. Her teacher Alistair Clark says:

"Julanta’s progress has been remarkable, she even became the elected Student Governor. The grades she’s achieved will enable her to go to university to be a nutritionist and dietitian”.

Daniell Hambrook, who successfully completed an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Health and Social Care Professions, was awarded a scholarship to study at the University of East London.

Dyslexia support tutor Remi Fani-Kayode says:

“We’re extremely pleased about these achievements and look forward to supporting many more dyslexic students as they work towards success. Although some students, like our student of the year Lee Morgan may have studied without being diagnosed. Our team manages screenings to identify those who may have the learning difficulty and we provide life-changing support.”

The dyslexia support team can also:

  • establish the precise nature of literacy difficulties to determine how best to enable students to bridge the skills gap
  • interview students to gather background information and create profiles for learners
  • draw up support plans to address the needs of individuals
  • deliver learning programmes (support tutorials) designed to meet those needs
  • give practical advice to teaching staff and have meetings to agree on the best ways to ensure each student succeeds

Please call: 020 8257 4322 or email remi.fani-kayode@newham.ac.uk /sonia.anand@newham.ac.uk  for further information about dyslexia support at Newham College.

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