Entry Level 1 ESOL students celebrate East London

Our Entry Level 1 adult ESOL students have been involved in a research project called My East London, where we have asked our students who live, work and study in the local area to do some research and write about a place or person of their choosing from East London.

Some of our students couldn’t wait to show how their English has improved and have been keen to get involved prior to the actual start date of the project (8 February – 5 March).

We have received some superb efforts from our students so far and the teachers have been very impressed with their use of vocabulary and grammatical structures, demonstrating how quickly their command of English is developing.

Here are a couple of our early favourites:


"I live in Stratford. In Stratford, there are two parks. One is named Stratford Park, another one is Westham Park. Also, there are two hotels near my house.

"In Stratford there are four bus stops next to my house. There is a big shopping centre called Westfield near to Westfield we have train station.

"In Stratford there is a primary school near to my house. Also, there are two G.P. near to my house.

"There are too many restaurants around my house and a lot of buildings.

"There is a church and mosque near my house."


"I live in East London in a Town called Bromley by Bow. There is a one big super market called Tesco. There are lots of small shops and there is one church. The church is big and old. There is one tube station. There are lots of bus stops. There is one primary school called Old palace, and there are lots of buildings. There is one park and one health centre. I sometimes go to the park to play with my children. I sometimes go to walk or run next to river side."

Inspiring work

We have been inspired and motivated by the work that our Entry Level 1 students have been submitting and we are immensely proud of them. We’re sure that they are well on their way to bright futures with the progress they have been making.

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