Former Newham College Student Wins Newham Resilience Award

Muhammed Ramjaau, who won the Newham Resilience Award, which is part of the Newham Youth Achievement Awards, participated in a supported internship that Newham College offers in partnership with Newham Workplace and Barts Health Trust.

The program named Project SEARCH helps local youngsters with learning disabilities develop confidence and employment skills. Muhammed faced many extra ordinary challenges during his internship but gained the Resilience Award, in recognition of his determination to overcome significant barriers and triumph over adversity.

The internship which led to Muhammed’s nomination for the Newham Resilience Award started in 2016. At that time Muhammed had been job searching for a year and had no previous paid work experience. Having been born with a learning disability, which effects literacy and numeracy skills, Muhammed can find it difficult to comprehend information and to complete unfamiliar tasks. He also has a speech impairment in addition to severe epilepsy and lacked self-esteem when he started Project SEARCH.      

Attiya Yasmin, a special educational needs and disability (SEND) lecturer at Newham College was Muhammed’s job coach. She says:

Muhammed started his internship as a goods and distributions assistant at Newham General Hospital, where he learnt to communicate with staff in a clear and friendly manner.
Attiya Yasmin

During the first term of Project SEARCH Muhammed developed appendicitis, which led to serious medical complications. He was then unable to work for almost two months.

Attiya Yasmin says:

“This affected Muhammed’s moods and he felt he had disappointed his colleagues. We recognised that he needed to be placed with a supportive team to benefit from a suitable workload with ongoing encouragement.

He gained further experience in Newham Hospital Pharmacy as a Pharmacy assistant, formed friendships with staff and got a glowing reference from his manager, before gaining another placement in Theatre. 

He soon became a hardworking, supportive, reliable and trustworthy Theatre Store Assistant then got a paid position as a Theatre Support Worker. He now helps other young people with disabilities achieve their goals”. 


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