Free level 2 qualification courses from the comfort of your home

Kick-start your future with our free online courses. Gain a Level 2 accredited qualification.

These courses will take anything from 12 - 24 weeks to complete with a commitment of just a few hours each day/week, depending on the qualification you choose to do! All learning is completed online with assessment and feedback given to you from tutors through an online portal and all courses are fully supported with relevant learning materials and with CIPs running facilitated workshops.

Please see below for the full list of qualifications:

These courses are fantastic if you are working in a customer facing role: Other courses available which may be more suited to those working with Children/Young people/Adults or in a care role:
  • Principles of Business and Administration
  • Principles of Customer Service
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Principles of Team Leading
  • Understanding Safeguarding and Prevent
  • Principles of Working with Individuals with Learning Disabilities
  • Principles of End of Life Care
  • Understanding Autism
  • Understanding Behaviour that Challenges
  • Understanding Nutrition and Health
  • Understanding the Safe Handling of Medication in Health and Social Care
  • Understanding Working with People with Mental Health Needs
  • Awareness of Mental Health Problems
  • Principles of Dementia Care

What are the benefits?:

  • It’s a quick and flexible way of increasing your knowledge around the various qualifications offered
  • It’s free of charge (as long as the qualification is completed)
  • Learning can take place on any device which has access to the internet
  • Learning can take place at home, during breaks etc.  and at a time to suit the learner, workshops available
  • Sample questions to be completed ready for your second induction/workshop, this is to see your capability and commitment
  • On completion of the short course, you will gain a level 2 qualification which is widely recognised by employers, looks good on your CV, plus is great CPD
  • anyone enrolled in the course will have the support of the API team who will be able to assist with completing the course

All learners are expected to attend 2 induction sessions as part of their enrolment, however, if you are an employer and you want to roll these out to your staff these can be administered at your workplace. If you think these courses may be beneficial for you or staff if you are an employer- please contact Lorraine Jones and Shamala Nair (;

Initially, we will expect you to attend an induction session. After a 4 hour induction, you will be expected to have completed the questions given to you on the day.  You will then attend a second induction/workshop for 2 hours, where you will then be given your login to Learning Curve and resources book and you will be able to access the online portal (Learning Curve) to transfer your written answers.  There are workshops to assist you through your qualification.

Once signed up there is a commitment to complete the qualification, however, if you are unable to complete it, you may be liable to pay the administration and resources cost which is £125 per person.

If you have any expressions of interest from your staff -please contact Lorraine Jones and Shamala Nair (;

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