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The Learning Revolution Trust, (LRT) was established by Newham College in 2012 and it has helped more than 300 young people in East London to gain access to further education.

East London is one of the most vibrant and diverse areas in the UK and has produced countless talented and successful people.  At the same time however, poverty and social deprivation can prevent many east Londoners from accessing educational opportunities.

The LRT have made it their mission to create a culture of ambition, opportunity and learning by supporting disadvantaged students in East London.

Mother of two, Jaskiran aspires to be a paediatric nurse and speaks to us about how the LRT has helped her to follow her dream:

“I wanted to get back into education and the financial support I received allowed me to pay for childcare fees, so my children can be in nursery whilst I study. I was struggling, but the future will definitely be better now because I can move forwards.”

Jaskiran is currently studying the Pre-Access to Science course at Newham College which provides an accessible route into her chosen field in nursing.

Watch the brand new video by the LRT below and find out more from our students on their journey from education to employment.


For further details on the Learning Revolution Trust and how to apply for funding on the official charity website:

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