Level 1 students helping seniors get better connected online

Level 1 Introductory Certificate in IT User Skills students fulfilled their employer-led work experience project recently in partnership with Age UK Westminster, the independent local charity associated with the Age UK movement.

Age UK Westminster exists to promote the well-being of older people in the City of Westminster and help make life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience within our local community. Our students were available to provide digital support to the charity who have been facing new digital challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.

Our students helped elderly people in the City of Westminster gain a better understanding and appreciation of digital devices and how they could improve their quality of life. The students explained how embracing these technologies could prove invaluable in staying in touch with family and friends, connecting to public services such as the GP surgery or pharmacy, be a great source of entertainment and many other tasks.

Our students also created workshop material for all IT users to help improve their digital skills regardless of their ability and comfort level with technology.

At the end of the project, the students had an ‘iTea Party’ with their new friends via Zoom!

We are proud that our students were able to make a difference and help our seniors get connected during a lockdown that enforces some isolation.

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