Level 3 Core Maths course to be studied alongside Level 3 Main Vocational Programme

Students are now offered the chance to study L3 Core Maths alongside L3 courses at Stratford in Applied Science, Electrical Installations, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, IT.

Newham College is proud to offer students the chance to take up Level 3 Core Maths alongside their main Level 3 vocational programme, giving students the opportunity to develop their mathematical reasoning and communication, as well as earning valuable UCAS points. 

From the next academic year, we are offering the AQA specification titled – AQA Certificate L3 Mathematical Studies and is studied over 1 year, to be taken alongside a L3 main vocational programme.

Core Maths qualifications should achieve the following objectives for students:

  • Deepen competence in the selection and use of mathematical methods and techniques.
  • Develop confidence in representing and analysing authentic situations mathematically and in applying mathematics to address related questions and issues.
  • Build skills in mathematical reasoning and communication.

Entry requirements grade 5 or above at GCSE Maths (though we will consider students with a grade 4 on an individual basis and/or subject to assessment).

Current progressing students (L2 moving to L3) can see a member of the Maths team if they wish to be enrolled – subject to grade criteria and relevant Heads of Schools are being informed of this (Tracy (SCIHUM), Bharat (ENGCON) and Ade (DSS))

Completing the course will gain you UCAS points which are outlined below.


To apply: The Level 3 Core Maths course is a part of the main vocational area enrolment process and therefore will be discussed at enrolment. You may also need to speak with the Maths and English team before being processed through enrolment.

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